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Redirect Checker may be a computer address direct huntsman, a really handy tool that permit users to trace the whole path of wherever a redirected computer address goes. If you're on this
page then you will already apprehend that redirection is that the procedure within which one computer address is forwarded to a special URL. The direct checker is that the tool that's
then accustomed examine totally different URLs, coverage back on the whole response code that's given by every. This economical tool is generally used as a free 301 redirect checker.
HTTP Redirect

Now that you just apprehend what redirection is, let’s have a glance at some common sorts of communications protocol redirects:

300 Multiple Choices: Implying range of choices for the resource that the shopper might follow, for example, totally different format choices
for video may be conferred, or signified clarification or files with totally different extensions.
301 rapt Permanently: once this direct is employed then all the longer term requests to a selected computer address are redirected to a given URL.
302 Found (HTTP one.1) / rapt quickly (HTTP one.0): net runs on communications protocol protocol, dictating however URLs work. it's 2 key versions,
in 1.0 303 is spoken the standing code “Moved Temporarily” whereas in version one.1 this was modified to “Found”.
307 rapt quickly (HTTP one.1 Only): ): just in case of this direct, request is to be recurrent with another computer address, however, all future
requests ought to still be victimisation the first computer address.
Meta Refresh: Meta Refresh may be a sort of direct that is dead on the page level rather than the server level. In SEO, this is often not a
recommended technique because it is slow. Usually, the 5 second reckoning that says “If you're not redirected in five seconds, click here.” is associated
with this.

Advantages of This Tool

Redirect checker or computer address direct huntsman will be accustomed hunt wherever a selected affiliate link goes to and that affiliate network is concerned or to
ensure if those computer address shortners or bit.ly links are redirecting to a legitimate page. computer address direct huntsman conjointly helps users to test their own redirects to
make sure that they're in a very physiological state or to determine if the redirected domain is properly redirected to your new domain. moreover, with the assistance of any
URL direct huntsman you'll be able to conjointly understand that wherever cookies are being set within the redirection path. one in all the best use of this wonderful tool is to
simply determine what number redirects are being employed by bound sites. The results may surprise you!