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About Website Links Count Checker

Use this “Links Count Checker” tool for quick and straightforward checking of links on your sites

This free on-line tool is what you would like if you wish to count what percentage outgoing links are there on a given page. Website
owners and webmasters should frequently check their external links on their sites to make sure the standard of a

More significantly, this tool will facilitate your save cash and therefore the bother of paying for advertising or link building from a
less-than-credible service supplier. the employment of “Link Farms” (pages or websites that exist just for reproducing
backlinks) isn't an honest choice for computer program optimisation as a result of they need a specialised formula that may sight
such link building activities. It will really hurt your web site than facilitate your optimize it.

So, it's suggested that you simply use this link count checker tool as a start line to get rid of pages that might
potentially injury the name of your web site if you're visiting exchange links. Then, you'll be able to build more
analysis by manually reviewing the relevancy of that specific online page.

One of the foremost necessary aspects of a web site that the majority website house owners worry regarding is that the range link they need on their
web pages, each internal and external links. as a result of the a lot of and quality links a web site has, the upper it'll be
ranked by search engines like Google.

Our Link Count Checker will facilitate your track the inner, external links and backlinks of your sites. it'll conjointly
indicate if they're Dofollow or Nofollow links. In different words, this can be Associate in Nursing incoming and outgoing links extractor as
well as a counter tool that's extremely helpful for computer program optimisation.

We at APKPress SEO Tools need to produce web site house owners and webmasters the simplest tool that may count each the inner and
external links as this may provide them an honest plan regarding the link price of their web site.

This Link Count Checker tool is extraordinarily useful in obtaining all the required data that you simply will use in rising
the quality of an internet page. Usually, the web site owner desires to test what percentage internal and external links are there on a
given online page.

How to Use This Tool?

This Link Count Checker tool is extremely simple to use. you simply have to enter the address within the text field and so click on the
“Check” button. Our system uses a singular formula which will method your request and can generate the lead to Associate in Nursing
instant. The results can show you the subsequent information:

Total links
Internal links
External links
Nofollow link
Dofollow links
Total links – is that the total range of internal and external links that a web site has. There are web site links count
checker tools which will conjointly specify the quantity of duplicate links and empty anchors.

Internal links – are link pages that may be found on a web site. they're ordinarily joined through the web site menu or by

External links – are the links to different websites or conjointly called partner websites. the upper the quantity of external
links that a web site has the higher for computer program optimisation. But, all links ought to be with relevant and reliable
websites and not spam sites.

Nofollow link – are usually shown in red as they indicate threat. The extent of threat that they need to a web site is
still debatable. Still, you want to avoid nofollow links. in style social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are
automatically No-follow.

Dofollow link – are links that permit Google and different search engines to follow them and reach your web site. this can be link
is beneficial for the web site as a result of it will facilitate your get an honest page ranking on search engines.

There are some web site links count checker tools that may conjointly determine the anchor text that is linking your website to
another web site. this may facilitate your in analyzing the text to make a lot of Dofollow links.