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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

Our extremely superlative tool helps you to get whether or not the status of a specific web site is offline or on-line. All you wish to try to to is to enter the name of domain or sub-domain, so as to test the server of your web site. Users are allowed to enter up to a hundred URLs at a time, beat isolated lines. Our tool is accessible at no cost usage on APKPress SEO Tools Checker, for your ease.

Our tool plays an important half in checking numerous problems pertinent to your web site because it checks the server server. place up to a hundred sites within the on the market text box, and it'll show hypertext transfer protocol status code and status for each single web site. every server status code includes of a particular which means. varied server statuses with their which means are mentioned below:

1. 200: It indicates the status of your website is nice and also the server is returning website uniform resource locator that you've got requested.
2. 301: It implies that the address of your website has for good captive to a brand new site address and every one the domains and subdomains should be redirected to a new location.
3. 302: It indicates that server has found a short lived web site redirection. This web site uniform resource locator should be utilised once more because it is temporary.
4. 307: the same as 302.
5. 400: It denotes unhealthy request. It indicates that the server isn't incapable of understanding web site uniform resource locator you're requesting.
6. 401: Unauthorized access.
7. 403: taboo it indicates that the server won't show any content till or unless you're corroborated to access that content.
8. 404: Not found. It frustrates United States once we get this error message as we don't get a result that we are looking for which suggests that the file which you're finding for isn't found on an internet server.
9. 410: the same as 404.
10.500: Internal Server Error. This error message frustrates the webmaster, net developer together with the individual visiting web site as this error is pertinent with the server and may be solved  inside a shorter time span.
Our tool's uniform resource locator checker capability makes it an implausible tool than any others round the web.

How to Use This Tool?

Our extremely refined server status checker tool is employed to test server status of a specific web site. The server status of a website can advise the webmaster whether or not it's offline or on-line. on-line status indicates the web site is functioning properly and any user will simply visit the location, whereas offline status indicates there's some drawback with the location and a few of the users can't open the web site. To utilize our tool, a user has to place details of the name within the provided tool field, and also the tool can perform the remainder of labor for you. Our tool should be utilised at regular intervals because the server will be down at any purpose of that have an effect on the users. Thus, via victimization our tool, a webmaster will keep a daily check on the status of the web site and take immediate actions anytime the website status comes down.

Advantages of This Tool?

It’s extremely vital to test server status of a site time to time because it authorizes the webmaster that the web site is functioning properly and also the users don't have to face any complexness once loading an internet site. an internet site is formed for the user convenience, and if it's not operating properly, then the motive behind coming up with an internet site is failing because the user can have to face several complexities in loading a website and obtaining info from a website.

Another greatest advantage of our tool is to take care of visitor’s traffic on a website. Offline status of a site indicates the user can’t access the location and consequently the traveler can switch towards another site, therefore minimizing the viewer’s traffic. Thus, utilize this tool to test server status of an internet site and each time you discover the status offline, take essential steps to vary it to on-line. it'll be advantageous for each the webmaster still because the guests as they'll simply access the location with none trouble which is able to maintain the visitor’s traffic on the web site.