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Website Page Size Checker, because the name might provide you with a touch, is one in every of the very handy SEO tools that are out there nowadays. By victimization this tool, you not must worry regarding a way to check web content size. It works sort of a magic tool that you simply will use to test web site size on-line in an exceedingly matter of solely a seconds.

Nowadays, webmasters pay special attention towards the loading speed of their web site as a result of the web user invariably prefers websites that take less time to load over the websites that take a lot of long. As per some surveys, conclusions are drawn that if an internet site takes longer than five seconds to load, the users are doubtless to exit. therefore a netmaster or web admin ought to confirm that the web site doesn’t take a really very long time to load. Improved loading time can eventually result in higher ranking in search engines and lower bounce rate.

Do you have an internet site that takes longer than usual time to load? this can be an indication that you simply have to worry regarding the dimensions of your website. however a way to grasp the full size of an internet site or a page? Your web content size may well be the explanation for top bounce rate as a result of guests sometimes don’t have the patience whereas the page is loading. that's why you initially have to understand how to seek out the dimensions of an internet site. you'll simply realize the page size with the assistance of an internet site page size checker or page size inspector. the common tiny web content size of roughly twelve K sometimes hundreds terribly quickly. However, the significant media on the page leads to increased  page size and thus in additional time to load.

For the nice health and performance of an internet site, you want to understand how to seek out the dimensions of an internet site. This purpose may be served by any web site page size checker or page size inspector tool.

Website Page Speed in SEO

Today, high web affiliation rates are out there that build webmasters suppose that they don’t have to trouble a lot of regarding the net page size and its load time. On the contrary, the issue remains essential each from the usability and also the SEO purpose of read. in keeping with researches, sixteenth of individuals can leave the page if it takes longer than ten seconds for the page to load and solely a really few people will anticipate quite fifteen seconds. Therefore, high your page size and page load time will cause you to lose 1/2 your guests.

The key rule is to stay your page see to 150K as a result of search engines won't totally cache pages with larger size than this. to place it merely, the longer the search crawler has got to wait, the less it'll wish to visit your page.

How to Use APKPress Page Size Checker Tool?

The page size inspector or the web site page size checker offered by APKPress is incredibly straightforward and straightforward to use. Our web site page size checker permits you to test website size on-line with none hassle. it's an excellent SEO tool to seek out out regarding your web site page size. It provides you the precious data regarding however huge your web site is in K. This web site total size checker has been designed solely for people that wish to grasp however huge is their website and whether or not they have to work on its size or not.

To use this glorious tool, simply enter the given page address that you wish to look at within the text field and click on on the button that claims “Check Page Size”. inside solely some seconds, results are going to be exhibited to you together with the dimensions of the page in KBs.

If you update your web site often with updated content and media, then it's suggested for you to perform the page size check on an everyday basis, employing a quality web site page size checker. an honest page size and quick loading speed not solely provides a superb user expertise and lowers the web site bounce rate however conjointly enhance the website ranking in programme results considering that speed issue that is currently part of Google’s prime ranking criteria.